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The Tube Amp Web Ring

The Tube Amp Web Ring


This guy has a tube problem

This guy has a tube problem. It's very sad.



No-Load Guide to Online DIY Tube-Audio

A fellow named Craig Ryder, a bottlehead.com forum member, sent me this:

No-Load Guide to Online DIY Tube-Audio

It's pretty big, around 1/2 a meg, so open with caution. I'll upload an HTML version later.



suggestions from bottleheads

More suggestions from bottleheads:



Valve Amplifiers - book

fellow bottlehead reccomends book: Valve Amplifiers by Morgan Jones


The Thinker's Toolkit

Good book on general problem solving skills? The Thinker's Toolkit: Fourteen Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving




"In this section we will discuss what a circuit is. I won't belabor the principles of the atom -- let a physics text handle that (boring) task. Instead let's talk about the facts you will need to know to get started in electronics."


Learn Electronics Theory

Learn Electronics Theory online







The amount of current flowing in a circuit made up of pure resistances is directly proportional to the electromotive forces impressed on the circuit and inversely proportional to the total resistance of the circuit.

"Unless you know this basic fundamental building block of electronics, you will never have a strong foundation to hold up the electronics towers you will be constructing in the future. Learn Ohm�s Law. Learn it inside and out!"


When I win the lottery - Lowther speakers

When I win the lottery: lowther speakers


Radio Shack project - 40-1272's

Radio Shack project - 40-1272's


Cached but useful

Cached but useful


Big Ass DIY page w/ links

Big Ass DIY page w/ links


Cool vintage tubes not too expensive

Cool vintage tubes not too expensive


Electrolytic Capacitors info

Electrolytic Capacitors


The Oris Horn Page

The Oris Horn Page


Pictures of horns & systems

Pictures of horns & systems, with descriptions by Thomas Dunker and other contributors


Voight Pipes w/ Radio Shak speakers!

Voight Pipes w/ Radio Shak speakers!



Seal Electronics - kits

"Seal Electronics is a materials and informational resource company, dedicated to providing the serious audiophile, amateur, or hobbyist with the highest quality audio amplifier kits available. All of our kits are of modular construction, and are designed to be the foundation of a professional quality audio system, in such applications as domestic HI-FI, home theater systems, subwoofer installations, musical instrument amplifiers, public address systems, and commercial audio applications."


This guy's got it BAD

This guy's got it bad


Bob's Speaker stuff

Bob's Speaker stuff


Fostex FE-103

Fostex FE-103 Memorial Backhorn


Some dude named Ralf

Some dude named Ralf has a good page


Kit amps from Scott

Kit amps from Scott


Custom work

Custom work


custom chassis (chassi)

This guy builds custom chassis and does repair work


groovy parts site

Antique Electronic Supply groovy site


Beginner's page

Beginner's page



SAFETY TIPS! Electricity can kill you, y'know...


DIY Audio - good newbie stuff

DIY Audio - good newbie stuff


BASIC article for newbies

Good BASIC article for newbies like me


Solder How To

Solder How To


single full-range driver loudspeaker

website dedicated to the single full-range driver loudspeaker

This page should get printed out before next yard sale outing: http://melhuish.org/audio/drivers.htm



Madisound Speaker Components

Madisound Speaker Components


Audio DIY projects

Audio DIY projects - neat


Speaker links

Speaker stuff:


Ariel speakers

Home Audio DIY Speaker FAQ


Build Your Own Speakers!


my old AR turntable

Thinking about fixing up my old AR turntable, why not?

Pulled it out and it sounds okay - think it's speeding up and slowing down slightly - new belt?

Update: 6/2/04 - I replaced the belt and it runs great, now. Listened to Dark Side of The Moon on vinyl recently - very nice.



More cool stuff

More cool stuff - amps, speakers, etc


What's a variac?

What's a variac?


Electron Tubes & Tube Amplifier Parts

Electron Tubes & Tube Amplifier Parts..

Plus schematics and stuff.



where to get all the stuff

Here's where to get all the stuff....


This is fun! i love doing this kind of research... The web is frickin' amazing.


Speaker project

Speaker project: http://indigo.ie/~walton/audio1.html


Build your own speakers project

Build your own speakers project: http://www.decware.com/zenspkr.htm


More useful links

More useful links here: http://members.tripod.com/~gabevee/links.html


picking a kit

And again, picking a kit and building his own triode amps: http://www.users.qwest.net/~nocturne/AMPS.html


building his own simple speakers

Same guy talks about building his own simple speakers: http://www.users.qwest.net/~nocturne/VOIGT.html


Rave about the Foreplay

Rave about the Foreplay: http://www.users.qwest.net/~nocturne/PREAMP.html


nice amps - really ugly website

Here's a guy building nice amps and selling them on a really ugly website: http://members.tripod.com/~gabevee/index.html

It looks like the going price for stereo tube amps is around $600. depending on the cost of the components, this could be quite a lucrative business to be in...


comprehensive site with kits and a forum

http://www.bottlehead.com/index.html This is a comprehensive site with kits and a forum and I think I'm going to get a pre-amp kit from them as my first project.



This url is a great stepping off point, lots of links to kits, etc.


NOTE: after looking at a lot of the links, though interesting, several of them are in foreign languages and aren't really for kits.


High End Kits

High End Kits


Sound Practices magazine

Sound Practices magazine


book on tube amp repair and building

Apparently this guy wrote the book on tube amp repair and building.


Building Your Own Tube Amp

Building Your Own Tube Amp A great article on what's involved with some technical explanations in layman's terms.

Gerhart's Gilmore Jr. Kits Kinda ugly, but an easy way to get started.

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