Blue Glow in Tubes?

Australian Sound Design Project - tubular speakers

Adire Audio - kits kits kits! (speakers)

A gallery of DIY Transmission Lines (TR's)

Dynaco parts/mod sources by Bob Schneider

- good article on checking out used tube equipment -




From ed's website

"To me enclosure and crossover are unnecessary evil." -ed

Open baffle

The Halcyon Loudspeaker by Martin Garrish

Single Driver speakers vendor

Kit builders guide (PDF)

Curcio Audio - Dynaco specialists - tech page


www.soundvalves.com - defunct, cached

This is a link to a CACHED page for a company called sound valves, which appears to be defunt, but which carried hard-to-find Dynaco parts. It's a good reference.

A Single Ended, Ultra Linear stereo power amplifier using 6BG6G/GA Beam Pentodes 6SJ7GT Pentodes and negative feedback


Wicked Easy DIY speaker cables

"Some guitars lose high end when their volume control is turned down. One way to solve this problem is to solder a .001 mfd capacitor between the input and the output of the volume pot (the two tabs that AREN'T soldered to the pot's case). This trick, borrowed from old Telecaster wiring, actually makes the sound brighter when you turn down.

"Changing the pots can also change the tone. In general, going to a higher value pot will make the sound brighter (changing from a 250k to a 500k, or from a 500k to a 1 meg), and, conversely, changing to a lower value pot can roll off high end."

From: http://www.siogo.com/tips.htm#Electronics <-- this url has good guitar tweaking tips

Pot Cleaning

Vintage Asylum post re: Dynaco SS

Some guy's Audio Project pictures


The Subwoofer DIY Page v1.1

Recommended reading

Active Crossovers for DIY Speaker Builders

Speaker and Crossover design calculator

PAT 5 Schematic

Layne Audio
- Speaker Repair and Restoration -

The Classic Speaker Pages

- Specializing in New England area manufacturers -

Transmission Line cabinet design

Van Alstine OmegaStar Rebuild kit for the Dyna Pat-5

DIY kits

nice cabinet plans


Laying Pipe with Audio Lego

PVC Speakers!

3d sound similar in concept to my sound square. What if these were the speakers for the sound square?

Aural Gratification Ring


Voight Pipes and the 40-1354's

The Secrets of Car Audio
by Steve Deckert

Excellent resource: DIY speaker building information

All about cabinets

Do It Yourself with HUMAN Speakers!

Make your own Horns out of paper mache!

Great laid back site with lots of good diy projects

Boston Bash 99

Suggestions so far from Bottlehead forum:

For the famous 40-1197s:


and/ or


Make my own speaker cables?

A site on the UBYTE speaker cable

I stopped in at my local Radio Shack to see if they had any clearance speakers. I ended up walking away with 5 pairs of varying sizes for a grand total of $16.00!

2 3.5" dual cone 40-1325A
2 4" Full Range 40-1197 (they say "FE103" on the back - big magnets)
2 5 1/4" Full range 40-1241E
2 6" Full Range 40-1242E
2 8" Full Range 40-1271

The "wallflower" speaker design using 1197's and 2 tweeters

Parts Express electronic supplies

Horn Shoppe Spokesgirl:

Electro-voice Vintage drivers info

Mapletree Audio Design - supposed to have good kits

Ahhhh: 98 db means 1 watt of power through the speakers produces 98 decibels of sound at a distance of 1 meter.

The Cool Sound of Tubes - in depth article on the whys and whats

Madisound Speaker Components

Detailed Voight Pipe plans and instructions

Listening party - voight pipes, etc

40-1354 NOT discontinued?

Duncan's Amps: Tube data sheet locator and MORE!

Another link to boozhound labs - good newbie stuff

Some nice cabinet re-designs of the ForePlay


Dynaco Unofficial Home Page = good info

ST-35 Technische Daten

Downloadable Dynaco manuals

curcio audio engineering

Good page o' links

CAE Passive Pre-amp Project

Useful tips - soldering, etc.

Hm, a lo-buck Classical Guitar setup

My ST-35 has arrived! I can't wait to get home and unpack it. Of course I have no pre-amp, so I'll probably try patching it through my integrated amp. Ideally, I'd like to build a Passive Attenuator.


Zen dude

audio bizarro "DIY tube amp projects from around the world"


Cleaning pots, and some cool guitar articles


Bottlehead replies:

In Reply to: opened up a record player - what is it? (pics) posted by total newbie on February 15, 2003 at 19:40:03:

this looks like a single ended 50L6. This is similar to 6V6 in perfromance. It looks like the whole bunch of heaters are a long series string. There's not much point( IMO) to trying to fix her much. It will never have much power. Put the speaker and the amp in a lmall cab and you'll have your practice amp.


Diana's Electronics Info Page

This might be the most comprehensive basic electronics site yet



Ok, I think this is a good electronics tutorial that isn't just an ad for some guy's book.

And here's some circuit symbols charts I should print out once I get my printer working:

Amazing Engineering site - Edinburgh University

The Basic Soldering Guide

I LOVE this site! All kinds good infor including most of the above links...

How electronics works

Graham Knott's Electronics for Beginners

Troubleshooting tips and guitar effects

AWESOME DIY and on-the-cheap INFO!

This FORUM is really cool...

Homebrew guitar amp projects page

AX84 - site has a simple guitar amp project I should try

Duncan's Home Brew Amp page

Pictures of tube amps, all kinds

top secret Ear tool

Dynaco parts/mod sources



World Tube Audio Portal

World Tube Audio Portal

So, I opened up this old record player I found by the side of the road and pulled the amp out, plugged it in, and pluggd my guitar into it. It works! It's ALIIIIVEEE!!!! Now i want to find out what this thing is... is it a single ended amp?

What a strange and beautiful world it is

Cheap Trick 164 - a nice version of the Buschhorn

I keep coming across this site.

Another cool Buschhorn design

Mike B's Tube Audio Page has step by step pics and instructions for building Buschhorn MkII's.

Good plans and pics of the Buschhorn Mk2 plus single ended tube amps and other stuff.

And here's the Botthead thread:


Posted to Full Range Driver forum about using these Radio Shack speakers I found:


Full range speaker projects:


Buschhorn Mk2


Chris and Sue's page

Das German site aboot ST 35

FIREBOTTLE AUDIO DIY tube amp site with schematics and stuff

Here's the ST35 I just bought on eBay:

The ST 35 is much more rare than the ST 70, and cheaper.

Here's some feedback from the Bottleheads

Reviews and upgrade tips on the ST-35

Creating an ST-35 clone using available tubes.

Good article about Dynaco equipment and how to buy used

Van Alstine Audio

Dynaco ST 35

Modifying the ST 70

images of both amps here


Termoionica Applicata� (aka Applied Thermoionics)

This looks like a great diy speaker project

Good Loudspeaker DIY tips (tweaking factory speakers)

Zen Triode SET

DIY Hi-Fi Supply 300B amp kit



How a Vacuum Tube Works <- this article rocks, if you can understand it

cool Journal - sorta insiderey

Vacuum Tube Primer

Some less expensive kits than the bottlehead kits:


Lighthouse Electric




This guy's been doing it for years - cool gallery of amps


Japanese parts company has all kinds of stuff including speakers and kits

Mechatronics Design Laboratory


Multimeter Tutorial

Cool cartoons


By being resourceful, you could save money in virtually all
important areas of your electronics hobby.

FLUKE Multimeters


"A handheld multimeter is the most important tool you will use in electronics."



boozhound laboratories

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