Tweak-O complete

I finished building my first effect pedal, from a kit:

It sounds nice - pretty subtle distortion. Not much boost, though, which is a little disappointing since I was hoping to use it in front of my little "tonemonster" frankenstein amp or maybe the little Magnatone.


I finished the 6L6 to EL34 mod on Sean's Super Six last tweekend, and it went smoothly. I also converted the bias "balance" control to a true bias adjustment. The amp definitely sounds different, and Sean will hopefully be reporting back soon on the results.

While I was working on his amp, I lent him this little combo, which is made from an old record player amp and a weird speaker cabinet I found:

I added a nice vintage Alnico 8 inch speaker and a piece of burgundy-and-gold grill cloth in the hole. It's got a nice tone, not very much volume, though. I like the shape of this speaker, and might try to build an amp from the ground up using this design.

I also have been playing through a Bogen CHA-20 PA head using the mic input, and it sounds very nice.

I started assembling my "Tweak-O" fuzz pedal kit last night. Excellent instructions and no glitches so far.

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