Warmth - what is it? How do you get it?

Interesting article by David Mellor that explains tube and tape "warmth" - fact or fiction?

His website has articles on a variety of topics of interest:




The more I closely I listen to sounds and music, the more I notice environmental noise. My house, especially, is very noisy. The fridge hums, the furnace rumbles, the TV hums, the electric heaters hum, the dishwasher sounds like two cats in a dryer, and most of all, the computers hum and bubble as drives are accessed repeatedly for no apparent reason, as update after update loads surreptitiously each night, hard drives busily grawing and nibbling their way full,. And hard-drives live dangerous lives, forever perched on the brink of sudden drive death, trembling with every clap of thunder and cringing from every brown-out. And the phone rings with spam calls all. day. long. I mean, it's not like I'm asking too much to be able to type into my sleek little gizmo where ithout listening to an orchestra of buzzing and chirping and ringing?


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